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About our Homes

How much bigger is a Santuario Home than a hotel room?

On average, Santuario homes are more than twice or three times the size of a hotel room. 170 sq ft vs. 725 sq ft.

Do I have to pay the hotel tax?

If you stay with us 30 days or more, you do not have to pay the hotel tax of 16.5%.

What amenities does my home come with?

All our homes come with amenities such as washers and dryers, DVD players, flat-screen TVs (in living and master bedroom), full kitchens with essential equipment including cookware, wine glasses and opener, mixing bowls and spoons, colander, graters and much more.

What’s in the area?

Each home comes with a custom online guide where we recommend the best restaurants, supermarkets, nail salons, barbers, sports bars, and lots of tips along the way.

Is there high-speed Internet and Smart TV?  What about utilities?

Yes. Each home includes Smart TV capability giving you the opportunity to access 500,000 TV shows, movies and other programs, as well as Internet (yes, it’s high speed) and all utilities. Wireless Internet information is located in the online guest area and also under the router.

Do I have to bring or buy hangers?

Nope. We supply all closets with GOOD wooden hangers so you don’t have to worry about pointed shoulders.

What about my laundry?

Most of our homes have its own washer and dryer and full kitchen, giving you the convenience of truly being at home.

Is there a wine opener and a blender?

Yep. Every home has a fully equipped kitchen. So bring on the smoothies.

How nice are the apartments homes?

Every home is hand-selected for its comfort, beauty, and prestige. This is why they all have high ceilings and expansive windows so you’ll feel the sun on your face each morning and have the space you need to really relax in full luxury.

Will someone come over and replace the light bulb in the oven if we need one?

Yep. We are here to serve. Just call us or send us an e-mail and let us know what you need. From light bulb replacement to clogged lint, we are here for you.

I’m a non-smoker. I don’t want any home that smells like smoke. Can you help?

No worries! All our apartments are smoke-free.

Do you take pets?

Yes, we have pet-friendly apartments.

VIP Services

Can we get housekeeping services?

Yep. Housekeeping for your home is available. Ask us about this additional service for your next stay. If housekeeping service was ordered with your reservation, the scheduled days are Monday through Saturday. You can also call us at (484) 206-5055 to schedule housekeeping services.

Will I have a mailbox?

Yep. We can help you with that. 

Can we get additional storage space if we need it?

Of course! We have additional storage space available should you need to bring more stuff. Ask us about this additional service for your next stay.

I may have family or additional visitors from time to time. Can you help us find them a place too?

Yes! We provide guest rooms for your out-of-town visitors. Ask us about this additional service for your next stay.

Grocery Shopping … Is it close by?

As close as your front door! We can deliver groceries right to your home. Ask us about this additional service for your next stay.


About Us

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

Us. Our main line is (484) 206-5055. You can also email us at contact@santuariophl.com - You can also complete the maintenance form on contact us page. Of course, you already know that if it’s a life-threatening emergency you are to call 911 (police, fire, ambulance, etc.).

About the Terms and Stuff Like That

How flexible are your lease terms?

We have month-to-month agreements available should you need the flexibility. Ask us about this for your next stay.

Can we split the invoice between me and my employer?

Yep. We can split invoices between employers and employees. Ask us about this service for your next stay.

How long will it take to get my deposit money back?

You’ll receive your deposit back within 10 business days of moving out.

Furnished Apartments Outside of Philadelphia

Can you help me find a furnished apartment outside of Philadelphia?

Yep. We can help you find furnished corporate housing outside of Philadelphia.

Additional HipHelp

We’ll probably end up moving to Philadelphia. Do you have real estate agents?

We can recommend the finest real estate professionals if you decide to make your move permanent. Ask us about this service.